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"Tina’s had stage-fright ever since she was a little baby."

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im laughign because apparently when i was born, my mom was just like “oh my water broke okay hold up lemme call the doctor” and she called the doctor and the doctor was like omg COME IN NOW YOUR HAVING A BABY and then my mom and dad were like yo ok be right there but then they stopped and had breakfast at an ihop for like two hours

my mom literally procrastinated on my birth so she could have a stack of god damn pancakes

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one time my mom hired cleaning ladies to clean the house and a couple of hours after they were done i noticed my cat was missing and we were searching the house looking everywhere for my cat and finally i heard a meow from my room and my cat was literally under the blanket tucked into my bed and my mom called the cleaning ladies asking why the fuck they made the bed over the cat and the woman said “it wouldn’t move”

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I wonder how many children are called yolo

I wonder how many children were conceived in yolo instead of ily

That’s a deep thought dude

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